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Moodle 2 Upgrade FAQs

Included here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our recent upgrade to Moodle 2 for summer sessions. If your question isn’t here, please leave a comment and we will do our best to answer it!

  1. When was Moodle upgraded? DELTA upgraded the Moodle academic servers from version 1.9 to 2.3 in May 2013, between spring and summer semesters. (Courses that used Moodle during the spring 2013 semester were not affected.) Beginning in summer 2013, all courses on the academic Moodle server are delivered using the new version.
  2. Why was Moodle upgraded? By upgrading to Moodle 2.3, NC State instructors and students gained access to a more up-to-date version of the software and benefit from several new features. In addition, the developers at no longer support the older version with fixes and improvements, so DELTA upgraded Moodle to continue participating in the broader Moodle community.
  3. What new features are available in Moodle 2.3? There are several new features, such as conditional activities and an updated assignments tool. There are also new ways to navigate within and across courses and to manage files. Additionally, Moodle 2.3 offers support for mobile devices with a new theme that auto-detects your platform and adjusts your Moodle experience accordingly. More information, including a list of new features, is online at:
  4. When can I start using Moodle 2.3? The new version is available now to instructors, to teach summer courses and to prepare for the fall semester. Project spaces can also be requested, allowing instructors to use Moodle for non R&R activities or to begin practicing with Moodle 2.3 in a private work space. We strongly recommend that instructors start early with their course preparations and complete, at a minimum, the “What’s New” seminar about Moodle 2.3 offered by DELTA.
  5. Can I copy my existing course content to Moodle 2.3? Yes. DELTA provides a “course copy” option in WolfWare when requesting a new Moodle space. Anyone with instructor access to a course can copy that courses’ content to new space.
  6. What will happen to my Spring 2013 (and older) Moodle courses?  The old Moodle server is still available to instructors over the summer (to resolve incompletes etc.)  and starting in September 2013 to view as an archive (to view/copy content only). The URL of Moodle 1.9 has been changed to reflect its archive status to
  7. How will the upgrade affect my project space(s)? Current project spaces on Moodle 1.9 are available through the summer 2013 semester. However, in September 2013, project spaces on Moodle 1.9 will be archived (available to view/copy content only). Those who wish to use Moodle for a project space after that time must request a space on the new server. Please note: the content from old project spaces can be copied over using WolfWare. There are special procedures required to copy user data, however. Please see this article for details.
  8. What training and support resources are available to instructors? Extensive support is available to instructors and their support staff. DELTA offers Moodle 2.3 seminars and hands-on workshops very frequently and also provides a collection of FAQs, a Student Guide to Moodle and online workshop materials. To view these resources, visit the Moodle 2 Info Page at
  9. Where can I get help and more information? As always, LearnTech is your direct line for learning technology support (email:; phone: 919-513-7094). Also consult the Moodle 2 Info Page for a list of resources.
(Updated 6/4/2013)