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Blackboard Collaborate now available!(Archive)

Blackboard Collaborate is now available for use. You can continue to use Elluminate Live! v10 for live sessions until August 8, but feel free to begin experimenting with Blackboard Collaborate now! DELTA and Blackboard Collaborate have provided a variety of resources and training workshops to help you get started with this latest version of Elluminate (see below).

With Blackboard Collaborate, you do not need a moderator account. Instead, you can log in with your Unity ID to create new sessions. Otherwise, you will find that the session creation website works the same as it did for Elluminate. (The Moodle plug-in for Blackboard Collaborate will be available beginning in August.)

Technical note: If you will be switching back and forth between Elluminate and Blackboard Collaborate this summer, you may need to clear your Java cache between sessions.

Please note that Blackboard Collaborate is currently in pilot mode and may experience upgrades as the summer continues. Elluminate recordings will be available on the server until December 18. Elluminate Publish will be available beginning in June to download and archive copies of your Elluminate recordings.

Blackboard Collaborate Configuration
Blackboard Collaborate for moderators – contains links to all of these resources, plus you can download orientation slides that you can use in your sessions
DELTA workshops
QuickTraining video tutorials
Blackboard Collaborate Quick Reference Guides

For your participants – Blackboard Collaborate for participants
Everything your participants need to know to configure their computers, join your sessions, and get help with Blackboard Collaborate.

In case you cannot attend the workshops, several of the workshop handouts can be downloaded by clicking these links, and then clicking the icon on the following page.

Blackboard Collaborate I handout

Blackboard Collaborate II handout

Transitioning to Blackboard Collaborate

Training workshops
DELTA has a packed summer schedule filled with great workshops, including many Blackboard Collaborate sessions. Some workshops are offered face-to-face in the DH Hill ITTC Labs and some are offered online. All July Blackboard Collaborate workshops will be held online!

To register for our summer workshops, visit

Which workshop is right for you?
If you are a current Elluminate moderator, we recommend attending Transitioning to Blackboard Collaborate and Blackboard Collaborate III: Putting It All Together. If you have never attended Elluminate II: Moderator Tips & Techniques, then we also recommend Blackboard Collaborate IV: Advanced Techniques for Successful Sessions.

If you are new to synchronous learning, we recommend following the Blackboard Collaborate series of Blackboard Collaborate I – IV.

Workshop overviews:
Transitioning to Blackboard Collaborate
This workshop is intended for existing Elluminate moderators who are transitioning to Blackboard Collaborate. Blackboard Collaborate is the newest version of Elluminate. Current Elluminate moderators will be relieved to discover that all their favorite functionality is still available, with the added benefits of a streamlined interface and functionality improvements. This workshop outlines the important interface changes and guides moderators through the major differences between Elluminate and Blackboard Collaborate to help them transition quickly and effectively.

Blackboard Collaborate I: The Essentials
This workshop is intended for instructors new to synchronous learning management systems, not for existing Elluminate moderators. Are you interested in moving office hours, classroom discussion, exam reviews, or other instruction into an online synchronous environment? This introductory workshop introduces you to Blackboard Collaborate, where you can host class sessions and meetings online in real-time. This workshop teaches you how to create Blackboard Collaborate sessions and how to use some of the essential tools, including audio, video, chat, whiteboard, and content upload. This workshop provides the foundation for you to use Blackboard Collaborate at a basic level.
Participants are encouraged to enroll in Blackboard Collaborate II: Tools for Interactivity to learn additional important functionality.

Blackboard Collaborate II: Tools for Building Interactivity
This workshop is intended for instructors new to synchronous learning management systems, not for existing Elluminate moderators. This workshop builds on the skills you learned in Blackboard Collaborate I: The Essentials and teaches you how to use some of the many interactive tools available in Blackboard Collaborate. Topics include conducting polls, creating and saving interactive whiteboard files, sharing desktop applications, guiding participants through websites, using breakout rooms, and transferring files to session participants.

Prerequisite: Blackboard Collaborate I: The Essentials

Blackboard Collaborate III: Putting It All Together
This workshop gives you the chance to practice and gain comfort with the tools you learned in previous Blackboard Collaborate workshops. We meet online in Blackboard Collaborate and run through a series of refreshers and practice exercises. Come prepared to actively participate and leave feeling confident in your Blackboard Collaborate skills!

Prerequisites: Blackboard Collaborate I & II or Transitioning to Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate IV: Advanced Techniques for Successful Sessions
In previous Blackboard Collaborate workshops, you learned how to use the Blackboard Collaborate tools. In this online workshop, you learn how to use these tools most effectively. Through demonstrations, discussions, and exercises, you learn about the mindset of an effective online instructor/facilitator, different forms of synchronous interactivity, and techniques to make online teaching and facilitating easier.
NOTE: This is the same content as Elluminate II: Moderator Tips & Techniques.

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