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DELTA Grants

Research Publication: Show What You Know

DELTA Grants Projects Motivate Faculty to Share Successes

April Fogelman and Nicola Singletary presenting on their DELTA Grant.
April Fogelman and Nicola Singletary presenting on their DELTA Grant.

DELTA Grants help faculty solve instructional challenges, often in ways that are innovative and unique. Sharing the process, results, and lessons learned through presentations and publications can be a great way to increase the visibility of this work in professional communities. Publishing results is an important, but time-consuming, task for those in academia. Your DELTA Grant team is available to assist in several ways: 

  • Discussing topics
  • Providing guidance on data collection and IRB approval
  • Conducting analyses
  • Co-presenting 
  • Co-authoring 

DELTA team members regularly work with faculty to disseminate findings from DELTA Grants work. Their recommendations are based on research and best practices, and they are a reliable sounding board for your innovative ideas. Additional support for DELTA Grant research, analysis, and dissemination may be available depending on staff availability.

Connect with Colleagues at Conferences

Presentations are a great place to start the sharing process. While your presentation benefits your colleagues, there are many benefits you can take advantage of as well. There are networking opportunities, exposure to research with similar topics occurring at other universities and the chance to gather feedback on your work from other area experts. 

When you find a conference you would like to participate in, the steps to submit a proposal are listed on their respective websites. In general, you will find focal points for relevant topics, important dates, descriptions of submission types, criteria for acceptance, and requirements for presentations and digital posters.

There are many opportunities to present close to home and beyond. The NC State Conference on Faculty Excellence is a convenient outlet for sharing your work with colleagues across the university. Since most conferences are discipline specific, your colleagues are a great resource for relevant offerings to share your work. 

Taking the Leap to Journal Publication

Publishing in peer-reviewed journals is time-intensive as the process often takes a year or more. This can sound like a daunting task but you don’t have to approach it alone. 

DELTA played an integral role in supporting faculty who successfully completed the DELTA Grants process. In fact, 13 journal DELTA Grants-related publications published since 2019 were co-authored by DELTA team members. The academic areas covered ranged from Chemistry to Music to Nutrition, and results were published in a variety of outlets such as:

  • Education in the Health Professions
  • The Journal of Chemical Education
  • The American Biology Teacher
  • Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration
  • Translational Animal Science
  • Journal of Perinatal Education
  • Statistics Education Research Journal
  • Chemical Engineering Education
  • Journal of Online Learning, Research and Practice

NC State faculty members work rigorously on providing a world-class, innovative education to their students that fills educational knowledge gaps. Presenting and publishing this work helps to preserve it in a more permanent manner, increase the visibility of the authors and NC State, build your CV, and contribute to ongoing research. Often, the people you connect with as a result of presenting and publishing your work become a professional network with increased potential for collaboration with your peers.

Ready to start your journey towards presentations and publications? Apply for a DELTA Grant this spring to solve pedagogical problems while getting support and guidance from your friends at DELTA! 

*Additional support for DELTA Grant research, analysis, and dissemination may be available depending on staff availability.

Watch the DELTA social media accounts on X and Facebook (@NCStateDELTA) later this spring for posts about journal publications!