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New DELTA Faculty Fellows

Three Welcome Additions to the DELTA Team

DELTA Faculty Fellows Wendy Krause, Kyle Bunds, Miriam Ferzli, Anna Gibson and Sarah Egan Warren.
DELTA Faculty Fellows Wendy Krause, Kyle Bunds, Miriam Ferzli, Anna Gibson and Sarah Egan Warren.

The Faculty Fellows Grants program strives to promote excellence in teaching with technology by fostering the exchange of ideas and interdisciplinary partnerships. DELTA will have four continuing and three new Faculty Fellow grant recipients to collaborate with during the 2023-2024 academic year. We look forward to helping them share their knowledge of learning technologies with the NC State community. 

New Faculty Fellows

Assistant Teaching Professor Anna Gibson, English Department, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Gibson is a former recipient of a DELTA Blended Learning Grant and a DELTA Course Improvement Grant. She is an advanced user of social annotation tools and uses the following tools in innovative ways:

  • Perusall 
  • PlayPosit
  • Google Assignments
  • ChatGPT (and other AI large language models)

“As a Faculty Fellow, I would like to promote the use of social annotation tools across disciplines to highlight their benefits for both students and instructors,” Gibson said. “I’ve become an enthusiastic advocate of tools like Perusall and the methods of interaction they facilitate, both to enhance in-person classes and to encourage rare and valuable collaborative learning in online courses.”

Associate Professor Wendy Krause, Department of Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science, Wilson College of Textiles

Krause completed the Course Quality Program at NC State and several DELTA Instructional Tools Grants. She enjoyed working with DELTA and has extensive experience with many of the following instructional tools:

“Before the global pandemic, I was interested in EdTech, but mostly as enrichment for my in-person classes,” Krause said. “Once we went fully online, my interests shifted dramatically and I was constantly asking myself, How can I better connect with my students and make my content more engaging? I quickly became a DELTA workshop aficionado — attending almost every DELTA workshop offered once (and a couple twice)! I found the 2020 DELTA Summer Shorts workshop program to be especially impactful.”

Assistant Teaching Professor Megan Lupek, Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources, College of Natural Resources

Lupek worked with DELTA and other NC State campus partners on several projects over the past five years and she is excited  to share what she’s learned with colleagues. She gained valuable experience through several faculty-centered campus opportunities including:

Yellowdig Pilot

“My favorite professional development experiences involve working with other faculty members from other colleges across campus,” Lupek said. “I have participated in activities as a team member (OFE’s SoTL Institute, the Library’s Open Pedagogy Incubator, OFE’s book clubs) as well as serving as a leader (Pack Proficiency Champion). Not only do I enjoy sharing my classroom techniques and strategies, but also love learning about what others do in their courses. I am glad that the Faculty Fellows is cohort based, as I enjoy learning in a group setting.”

Continuing Faculty Fellows

  • Associate Professor Kyle Bunds, Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management, College of Natural Resources.
  • Assistant Teaching Professor Sarah Egan Warren, Institute for Advanced Analytics.
  • Teaching Professor Miriam Ferzli, Department of Biological Sciences, College of Sciences.
  • Assistant Teaching Professor Carrol Warren, Department of Educational Leadership, Policy, and Human Development, College of Education.

DELTA is excited to continue working with the returning Faculty Fellows and collaborating with new Fellows in the coming months to share more information about instructional tools and pedagogy with NC State faculty. We will continue the Meet Our Faculty Fellows series in the spring DELTA Connections newsletters to tell you what they are up to in their partnership with DELTA. 

Wondering if you have the necessary qualifications to apply? Learn more about our Faculty Fellows Grants requirements.