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Congrats to the 2023-2024 DELTA Grants Recipients

DELTA Grants imagery

The 2023-2024 recipients (listed below) will receive $219,000 in 34 new and continuing DELTA Grants spread among 40 recipients. There are 10 academic colleges, the Biotechnology Program and the Institute for Advanced Analytics represented in this cycle’s awardees.

Two 2022-2023 Critical Path recipients and four Faculty Fellows will receive continuing support from DELTA for another year.

In collaboration with our faculty and campus partners, DELTA staff look forward to creating innovative solutions to instructional challenges and increasing student success.

As we leverage the latest technologies, apply research-based standards of excellence and explore advancements in instructional design, DELTA Grants enhance the digital learning environment at NC State.  

This year’s grant types include Course Design, Course Improvement, Critical Path, Exploratory and Faculty Fellows. And, with the university’s ever-increasing need for blended/hybrid/flipped learning since the pandemic, three of the grants will be piloted as a cohort this year with regular cohort sessions and individual mentoring sessions that guide instructors to work toward course design milestones at similar paces.

Biotechnology Program

Recipient(s)Grant TypeTitleDepartment
Stefanie Chen, Carlos Goller and Melissa SrougiExploratory             Structured for Success: A Primer for Students    Biotechnology Program

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Recipient(s)Grant TypeTitleDepartment
Wendy WarnerCourse DesignPromoting Meaningful Student-to-Student Interaction in an Asynchronous CourseAgricultural and Human Sciences
Misty LambertExploratoryTranslating an experiential learning opportunity for online students in AEE 322Agricultural and Human Sciences
Praveen KolarExploratoryExploring Augmented Reality in Transport Phenomena to Improve Student LearningBiological and Agricultural Engineering
Trino Ascencio-Ibanez             Course ImprovementBCH 453: Biochemistry of Gene ExpressionMolecular and Structural Biochemistry
Robert BrananCourse ImprovementARE 306: Agricultural LawsAgricultural and Resource Economics
Paige LuckCourse ImprovementFS 201: Introduction to Food ScienceFood, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Sciences
Lucie GuertaultCritical PathFlipping and Emphasizing Active Learning in an Introductory Computer-Based Problem-Solving Course (2nd Year)Biological and Agricultural Engineering

College of Design

Recipient(s)Grant TypeTitleDepartment
Robin Moore,  Matthew Babb and Nilda CoscoExploratory  Interactive Virtual Visual Learning (IVVL):Integrating Video with Graphic Design to Communicate Children’s Interactions with Nature in Daily Life in Disadvantaged CommunitiesLandscape Architecture and Environmental Planning

College of Education

Recipient(s)Grant TypeTitleDepartment
Jordan Lukins      Course ImprovementECI 571: Instructional Strategies for Students with DisabilitiesTeacher Education and Learning Sciences
Carrol WarrenFaculty Fellow (2nd year)        Building a Pack of Community InfluencersEducational Leadership, Policy, and Human Development

College of Engineering

Recipient(s)Grant TypeTitleDepartment
Jessica Schmidt and Alexander CardCritical PathReorganizing CSC226 Course Structure and Facilitating Student Engagement (continuing)Computer Science
Kathryn StolleCourse DesignCSC495: Project Management (continuing)Computer Science
Ignacio DominguezCourse DesignBetter Web Programming by Incorporating Flipped Class Elements and Adding Structure to an Ungraded CSC 342Computer Science
Marie MullerCourse ImprovementMAE 310: Heat Transfer FundamentalsMechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Nancy MooreExploratoryMechanical and Aerospace Engineering

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Recipient(s)Grant TypeTitleDepartment
Christian DollCourse DesignCentering Social Scientific Thinking in a Dynamic and Adaptive Redesign of ANT/SOC 261: Technology in Society and CultureSociology and Anthropology
Dimitri MitinCourse ImprovementLPS 400: Decisive LeadershipPolitical Science [in the School of Public and International Affairs]
Amanda Stewart            Course ImprovementPS 203: Introduction to the NonprofitsPublic Administration [in the School of Public and International Affairs]
Anna GibsonFaculty FellowAnnotating to LearnEnglish

College of Natural Resources

Recipient(s)Grant TypeTitleDepartment
Helena Mitasova, Caitlin HaedrichExploratoryExploring Jupyter Notebook Interactivity for teaching Geospatial Modeling and AnalysisCenter for Geospatial Analytics
Nathan WilliamsExploratoryNC:State of Recreation – Virtual Reality Content Creation in PRT 152Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management
Megan LupekFaculty FellowGrappling with Group Work: Using Technology to Form and Assess Team ProjectsForestry and Environmental Resources
Kyle BundsFaculty Fellow (2nd year)                    Effective Use of Educational Technologies for Virtual Classroom Community BuildingParks, Recreation and Tourism Management

College of Sciences

Recipient(s)Grant TypeTitleDepartment
Lisa FalkExploratoryEmpowering Self-Reflection and Self-Direction Under the Ungrading UmbrellaMarine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences
Miriam Ferzli and Eric Wiebe  ExploratoryLabWrite: Interactive Science Writing TutorBiological Sciences
Miriam FerzliFaculty Fellow (2nd year)                           Educational Technology for Collaborative and Active LearningBiological Sciences
Lisa PaciulliCritical Path (2nd year)Critical Path (CP) Course Redesign of BIO 181 001 and 002: Introductory Biology for a more “JEDI” Student ExperienceBiological Sciences

Division of Academic and Student Affairs/University College

Recipient(s)Grant TypeTitleDepartment
Brenda Watson    Course Improvement        HES 211: Strength Training and ConditioningHealth and Exercise Studies
Ashley White   Critical PathHESF 101: Fitness and WellnessHealth and Exercise Studies

Institute for Advanced Analytics

Recipient(s)Grant TypeTitleDepartment
Sarah Egan WarrenFaculty Fellows (2nd year)                   Data Analytics Everywhere: Using Dashboards to Improve Student Performance and EngagementInstitute for Advanced Analytics  

Poole College of Management

Recipient(s)Grant TypeTitleDepartment
Sarah KhanExploratoryExploring Generative AI (Large Language Models) to Compliment STEM Courses and Student Learning ExperienceBusiness Management
Stefanie RobinsonCourse ImprovementMBA 561: Consumer BehaviorBusiness Management

Wilson College of Textiles

Recipient(s)Grant TypeTitleDepartment
Wendy Krause     Faculty Fellow        H5P, Gradescope, Moodle, WordPress, Pressbooks, and Google: Using EdTech to Make Engaging CoursesTextile Engineering, Chemistry and Science

Congratulations to all of the recipients!