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DELTA’s 2021-22 Pride of the Wolfpack and Cheers for Peers Awards

The third DELTA Pride of the Wolfpack Awards were presented virtually on Friday, July 15. The Pride of the Wolfpack Award recognizes SHRA and EHRA employees for a special or unique contribution to their college, business unit or NC State University. Recipients received a framed certificate and mug courtesy of NC State Bookstores. The recipients’ will be added to an engraved plaque in DELTA’s main office in the Center for Technology and Innovation building. 

In total, 14 staff members were nominated for the Pride of the Wolfpack Award, and five winners were chosen by a selection committee composed of the previous years’ winners within DELTA and NC State Entrepreneurship.

The Cheers for Peers awards were additionally presented, honoring even more staff members, and recipients received a certificate of recognition. 

This was the second set of awards handed out in 2021, the first being held on July 16, 2021. Because of the award cycle changing after last year’s awards, these awards are for 2021-22, and the next awards will be for the 2022-23 academic year. 

Pride of the Wolfpack

Here are DELTA’s 2021-22 Pride of the Wolfpack Award winners along with a quote from their nomination:

Angela Hallman

HR Consultant Angela Hallman

“Angela has been leading our efforts on work from home, leave, raises, salary, etc. for a while but nothing like the last year…so many guidelines and rules to follow.”

Multimedia Specialist Stephen Waddell

Stephen Waddell

“Stephen helped address the longing for connection and engagement that staff have felt when having to physically distance from the office and each other in the most trying time of our careers.”


Sarah Weatherman

Technology Support Technician Sarah Weatherman 

“Everything turned upside down in March 2020 when NC State was forced to pivot to remote learning: the number of help calls rose dramatically and Sarah’s expertise and dedication helped the LearnTech team to successfully manage the increased workload.”

Instructional Technologist Jill Anderson

Jill Anderson

“As Wicked Problems, Wolfpack Solutions was about to launch, Jill stepped into the Instructional Technologist role on the team and not only supported the design and development of the course, but provided crucial feedback to the team as a new member.”

Scott Leonard

Technology Support Analyst Scott Leonard

“Scott was one of 2 people in the CTI office on a regular basis to be a point of contact for anybody having issues with their computers or peripherals either in the office or working from home.”

Cheers for Peers

Here are DELTA’s 2021-22 Cheers for Peers Award winners, also with a quote from their nomination:

Online and Distance Education Program Manager Alexis Lockett

Alexis Lockett

“Alexis is very professional. She makes sure to make contact with people involved and takes time to understand the processes, follow the procedures and do it with a smile.”


Caitlin McKeown

Instructional Designer Caitlin McKeown 

“Caitlin, while certainly shying away from the term expert, has garnered her interest to encourage her teammates at DELTA to look at accessibility as not something that should be either achieved or not achieved, but a frame of mind that is open to change and founded in an awareness that there is always more to learn.”

Lead Multimedia Web Designer Brenda Vienrich

Brenda Vienrich

“Brenda has developed solutions for several of our website challenges and has definitely assisted the team to include diversity as a main goal of our advertising for the NC State online advertisements she has designed.”



Kaitlyn Tarley

University Program Associate Kaitlyn Tarley

“Not only did Kaitlyn follow best practices for keeping the test center operational throughout COVID, she exceeded expectations by helping to maintain the morale of the team throughout stressful and ever-changing protocols.”

Director for Planning and Assessment Traci Temple

Traci Temple

“Her work is breaking down the barriers to assessment, which has, and will continue to have, a significant impact on the university’s culture and commitment to data-informed practices.”


Congratulations to all award recipients, and thank you for all your hard work!