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DELTA Staff Win Big: 2021 Pride of the Wolfpack and Cheers for Peers Awards

Image of red carpet with words: "Presenting: The 2nd Virtual DELTA 2021 Pride of the Wolfpack and Cheers for Peers Awards Presentation"

This year’s Pride of the Wolfpack and Cheers for Peers celebration took place through a virtual ceremony via Zoom on July 16, 2021.The Pride of the Wolfpack Award recognizes individual SHRA, EHRA and county extension employees for a special or unique contribution to their college, business unit, or NC State University. In addition to the Pride of the Wolfpack Award, several DELTA staff members were honored with a Cheers for Peers recognition for their outstanding contributions.

Through the sponsorship of the NC State Stores, Pride of the Wolfpack Award recipients will receive a framed certificate and mug, the latter of which is new this year. They will also have their name on the Pride of the Wolfpack plaque located in DELTA Lobby Suite 220 of the Center for Technology and Innovation. At first, DELTA was allotted five awards for 2020, but there were 16 nominations, so to recognize all of DELTA’s hard work during this award year, the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost’s Office graciously covered additional expenses for all nominees to receive an award this year.

Pride of the Wolfpack

The DELTA staff members honored with this award, along with quotes from their nomination letters, are listed below: 

Christopher Beeson, Instructional Technologist 

“He served a pivotal role in the successful inaugural Wicked Problems, Wolfpack Solutions course offered to all incoming first-year students.”

Christine Belledin, Project Manager

“Her ability to help the team craft a plan, organize ourselves, and stick to our assigned tasks made all the difference in our ability to understand who was doing what, and when, and how we were going to do this together.”

Jennifer Capps, Interim Assistant Vice Provost and Director of Student Learning and Faculty Development, NC State Entrepreneurship

“Her flexibility and willingness to adapt to change –– all while keeping a smile on her face –– make her invaluable to our team.”

Michael Castro, Technology Support Technician

“Michael has shot virtually every award-winning video Instructional Media Production (IMP) has produced in the last six years.”

Brian Dyer, Technology Support Technician

“Brian approaches his work with thoughtful deliberation, isn’t affected by superfluous distractions, and quickly gets to the heart of how things work, and how to make them better.”

Rich Gurnsey, Lead Multimedia Designer

“Rich is always looking for opportunities to incorporate an agile mindset to his grant projects and sharing best practices with the group.”

Robert Holloman, Technology Support Analyst

“Never have I worked in an organization where someone in a position such as himself, works so diligently, efficiently, swiftly, and most of all, KINDLY.”

Tim Hinds, Networking Analyst

“Tim kept his team encouraged and motivated while creating rotating schedules to lessen the burden of team members being on campus at the same time.”

Tim Petty, Associate Vice Provost, Online and Distance Education

“Tim represents some of the best of DELTA’s values –– thoughtfulness, attention to detail, dedication, teamwork, a service oriented mindset, integrity, innovation and a strong desire to help ensure the overall success of the organization.”

Donna Petherbridge, Interim Vice Provost, DELTA

“She is a compassionate leader and takes it to heart to be an inclusive caregiver for all of her staff.”

Brandon Pope, Classroom Support Technician

“Anytime a problem comes up, Pope answers the call with the best attitude and stays on the task until it is resolved.”

Kenneth Proseus, Event & Operations Coordinator, NC State Entrepreneurship

“His friendly and joyous attitude has been the glue that keeps our team very close and has been a breath of fresh air despite everything going on.” 

Rebecca Sanchez, Lead Instructional Designer

“This year she rose to the challenge to get the Online Course Creation Google Site together to help faculty quickly pivot to remote emergency learning.”

Bethanne Tobey, Assistant Director of Course Quality

“The faculty connections she has made have created more lines of expertise, not only in the CQ program, but in the courses where she has lent her talents to DELTA Grant projects.”

Bob Wilkerson, Technology Support Technician

“He’s thoughtful and conscientious in what he does and he always looks for a better way to do things.”

Merranie Zellweger, Associate Director, Project Management

“Merranie was the first project coordinator at DELTA and has become a needed resource for all of our teams.”

Cheers for Peers

The DELTA staff members honored with the Cheers for Peers award, along with quotes from their nomination letters, are listed below: 

Cassidy Colson, Digital Marketing Content Specialist

“Cassidy knows how to Think and Do while showing her Wolfpack pride!”

Educational Technology Services (ETS) Team (Bryan Aldridge, Stephen Bader, Rick Beasley, Jonathan Champ, Laura Chen, Drew Davidson, Dan Deter, Sean Ervin, Tremayne Grimes, Bill Hicks, Robert Holloman, Scott Leonard, Alan McCoy, Katie Richardson, Alex Stacy, Alan Surrette and Jeff Webster)

“COVID-19 did not cause a disruption for our IT crowd as they had the systems and infrastructure in place to handle the substantial increase in online activity on our servers.”

Instructional Support Services (ISS) Team (Jill Anderson, Christopher Beeson, Emanuel Brunson, Yiling Chappelow, Blake Cholerton, Marty Dulberg, Stacy Gant, Arlene Mendoza-Moran, Charlene Pettiway, Jenn Scoggins, Bethany Smith, Scott Watkins and Sarah Weatherman)

“While all DELTA employees worked diligently to support faculty and staff, the ISS team was definitely the ‘face of DELTA’ during COVID-19.”

Congratulations to all of DELTA’s award recipients for their hard work and dedication!

Note: Christopher Beeson and Blake Cholerton have since left their roles at DELTA. Jennifer Capps and Kenneth Proseus are listed as part of the Academic Outreach and Entrepreneurship division which DELTA was also a part of until July 1, 2021.