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Graphic Design Theory AR App Earns Design Incubation Award

Screenshot of a phone with the Graphic Design Theory AR App on screen. A design pillar appears in augmented reality.
Images by Rich Gurnsey.

The Graphic Design Theory Augmented Reality (AR) App has earned national recognition from Design Incubation — an organization for educators and practitioners of communication design to discuss design research and practice. The app was honored with the Communication Design Award in the Teaching category

The award-winning application was designed by a team at DELTA in collaboration with Associate Professor of Graphic Design Deborah Littlejohn through a DELTA Exploratory Grant.

Lead Multimedia Designer Rich Gurnsey led the project to bring to life the standard textbook Graphic Design Theory — Graphic Design in Context by Meredith Davis. The app is designed to improve student’s learning experiences, increase engagement, and help users better understand core concepts. Varied and captivating AR experiences cover topics ranging from Gestalt principles to perspective. 

Congratulations to the GD 303: Graphic Design Theory + Practice project team which includes Rich Gurnsey, Deborah Littlejohn, Stephen Waddell, Matthew Castro, Laurie Gyalog, and Daniel Davis

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