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Faculty Continue Commitment to Online Course Quality

Course Quality Program. Congrats!
Design by Katie Harris.

While the NC State experience may look different this semester, NC State faculty are continuing their commitment to serving students through course improvement and the quality of online education. Faculty members from across the university have worked hard to complete Quality Matters (QM) training facilitated by the Course Quality Program at NC State

The Course Quality Program provides professional development opportunities to help faculty improve the quality of their online or blended course based on Quality Matters, a nationally recognized, standards-based program focused on continuous improvement of online and blended courses and programs.

Teaching Associate Professor Kimberly Ange-van Heugten joins the ranks of two other faculty members who have completed and earned Quality Matters Essentials Recognition. Ange-van Heugten applied the essential standards of the QM Higher Education Rubric to her course ANS 225: Animal Science Nutrition, which was then peer-reviewed and validated by a set of certified Peer Reviewer faculty at NC State. 

Three faculty members have recently earned QM course certification by completing the Online Course Improvement Program offered by DELTA. These exemplary NC State courses have undergone a rigorous review process and have subsequently received official Quality Matters Certification, bringing the NC State total number of QM-certified courses to 26. 

  • Eileen Taylor — MBA 590: Ethical Thinking for Managers
  • Seth Murray — IS 200: Introduction to International Studies
  • Frank Perry —LPS 315: Leadership in the Public Sector

Additionally, 22 faculty members have completed the Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR) workshop. In addition to learning about the QM Rubric and the course review process, they also learned to apply the concept of alignment and draft helpful recommendations for course improvement of online and blended courses.

Congratulations on your accomplishment and dedication to the improvement of quality online courses at NC State!

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Want to learn more about Quality Matters or the Course Quality Pathways? Reach out to NC State’s QM Coordinator, Bethanne Tobey at for more information.

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