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Faculty Continue Course Quality Achievements

Design by Katie Harris.

NC State faculty members have been persistent in their pursuit of quality online education. Their commitment to continuous improvement and student success is as strong as ever. 

Join us in congratulating Lisa Falk, Edwin Lindsay, Dmitri Mitin, and Justin Post for earning certification from Quality Matters! 

Quality Matters Course Certifications

Teaching Assistant Professor Lisa Falk earned official Quality Matters course certification for MEA 100: Earth System Science: Exploring the Connections in the Department of Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences in the College of Sciences. 

Falk completed the Online Course Improvement Program (OCIP) in spring 2020 which resulted in an official QM course review and subsequent QM certification. Throughout OCIP, Falk collaborated with colleagues and DELTA staff to learn about the QM Higher Education Standards and apply them to her course. 

Teaching Associate Professor and Director of Statistics Online Education Justin Post earned Quality Matters certification for ST 558: Data Science for Statisticians in the Department of Statistics in the College of Sciences. 

Post was also a part of the spring 2020 OCIP cohort and worked rigorously to apply the QM standards to his online course. 

QM certifications are a testament to the quality work and commitment to student success that these faculty have applied to their teaching. 

Wolfpack Peer Reviewers

Teaching Associate Professor Edwin Lindsay and Teaching Assistant Professor Dmitri Mitin have joined the pool of Peer Reviewers at NC State after completing the QM Peer Reviewer Course

The Peer Reviewer Course is a rigorous certification course that follows a mock course review schedule to prepare faculty to serve on official QM course reviews and NC State internal course reviews. 

Both Lindsay and Mitin are familiar with the Course Quality Program at NC State and QM standards. 

Lindsay has completed QM training such as the Improving Your Online Course workshop and the Quality Matters Essential Standards Program (QMESP) as part of the NC State program. Lindsay is part of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management in the College of Natural Resources. 

Mitin was part of the spring 2020 OCIP cohort and is in the process of submitting his course for an official QM review. Mitin teaches LPS 320: Research Methodology for the Public Sector in the School of Public and International Affairs in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. 

The pair are also serving as faculty leads for the upcoming fall 2020 OCIP cohort. 

About the Course Quality Program

NC State currently has 23 QM-certified courses, and 73 NC State faculty have completed some sort of QM training. 

Jill Anderson, Christopher Beeson, Arlene Mendoza-Moran, Rebecca Sanchez, Bethany Smith and Bethanne Tobey make up the Course Quality team. This group of instructional design professional focus on empowering instructors to apply the QM standards to make a difference for their students. 

The Course Quality Program provides multiple ways for faculty to improve online and blended courses. These professional development opportunities help faculty who currently teach online to improve the quality of their online or blended course based on Quality Matters, a nationally recognized, standards-based program focused on continuous improvement of online and blended courses and programs.