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Inside DELTA: 5 Questions with Scott Leonard

Scott and his aunt pose in front of water and hills in Santa Barbara, California.
Scott Leonard is a technology support analyst at DELTA. He is pictured with his aunt in Santa Barbara, California.

Scott Leonard joined DELTA as a technology support analyst in February 2019. The position is a continuation of his long career as a state employee, which has spanned more than two decades and several cities in North Carolina. 

His journey began during the technology boom of the ‘90s, when Leonard received a technology support contract from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He eventually joined their School of Education full time and later went on to hold positions at East Carolina University’s Information Technology and Computing Services (ITCS) and UNC Health. 

Now, he’s DELTA’s troubleshooting expert and first responder for technology support. 

“If you have a technical need or issue that needs to be solved to accomplish your job, I’m probably your best starting point. Whether it’s repairing broken tech or purchasing new, I’ll probably be involved.” 

What are your day-to-day responsibilities?

DELTA is among the most tech-savvy units on NC State’s campus, but that doesn’t mean our tech always runs perfectly. Leonard supports Windows Systems Administrator / Mediasite Server Specialist Alan Surrette and Technology Support Analyst Robert Holloman in making sure that whatever is not working as expected gets back up and running as quickly as possible. 

“I help staff operate, fulfill their technical needs and make sure they have access to appropriate resources,” says Leonard. 

This includes hardware and software purchasing, technology consultations and training, and Mediasite and Windows server maintenance. He also responds to broken computers, printers and computer access issues. 

Leonard describes his day to day as a constant cycle of learning new tech to stay up to date.

What has been your favorite experience at DELTA?

Scott Leonard leans against a natural rock wall.
Leonard on a hike at Hanging Rock State Park.

“I love the social engagement aspect of DELTA, despite my introverted tendencies. Whether it’s lunch with coworkers, after work socializing like disc golf or having a beer, or the annual picnic, it’s all fun to me,” says Leonard. 

He also enjoys backing up Surrette and Holloman in various tasks and projects, especially those that require extra creativity. 

DELTA’s cubicle and conference room signs are a great example. Leonard and Senior Systems Architect Bill Hicks have been putting their heads together to keep them working and brainstorming where to take the technology in the future. Even though it can feel like an ongoing game of whack-a-mole, Leonard enjoys the challenge. 

“I get to learn and be creative in the same environment.”

What makes your job special?

“The people, first and foremost. My job does not exist without them and the problems they create!” Leonard adds with a laugh. 

While he consistently deals with what doesn’t work or what goes wrong, Leonard says that at the end of the day, his role generates a lot of smiles and happy DELToids. 

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

A band plays in front of colorful lights.
Leonard’s band, 13th Hour, opens a gig at the Lincoln Theater in Raleigh in support of the band Jesse Bolt.

“I love music. Listening to it, playing it and watching it live.”

Leonard has enjoyed playing in bands for years. His love for music started as a kid, when he was inspired by bands like KISS and AC/DC to pick up the guitar. Since then, he’s been a part of several hard rock and heavy metal bands, performing pieces from ‘80s hair metal to mosh pit material. The last two bands he was a part of toured in and around North Carolina. 

“The most fun I ever had in one of those bands was touring in Charlie Daniels’ previously owned tour bus. Impressive way to show up at gigs for sure,” he says. 

In addition to watching the Carolina Hurricanes play hockey, Leonard also likes being outside. 

“I enjoy our Carolina beaches, kayaking and hiking all over the state.”

What is it like to report to work while DELTA practices social distancing? 

Scott Leonard stands in front of a piano and a painted portrait.
Leonard tours the Moogseum, a museum dedicated to electronic music engineer Robert Moog, in Asheville.

“Very strange. It’s very quiet in the office, but there’s still been plenty to do.”

While most DELTA staff members have transitioned to working from home, Leonard has been staying on campus as an essential worker to support DELTA’s tech needs near and far. One of his largest tasks has been to get employees equipped with the technology they need to work successfully from home. 

Thankfully, he says things have been running smoothly. 

“I wouldn’t say it’s more work, just different work.” 

Leonard remains a key player in making sure that DELTA stays connected no matter where we are, and his dedication during this uncertain time has helped to keep us moving forward.