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DELTA Grants Enhance Student Learning Through Visual Media

Our team of designers bring complex ideas to life and add engagement to course content through various forms of visual media. Check out the examples below for more information about the projects pictured above.

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Animation, illustration, data visualization — oh, my! 

The list goes on… motion graphics, interactive media, infographics and more. 

Through our DELTA Grants program, we can help you bring your ideas to life, solve instructional challenges and enhance student learning through visual media. Visual instructional materials are helpful when communicating the complex and adding a level of engagement to course content.

When you have concepts that students cannot see — think: the inside of a dog’s digestive tract —  the use of media to visualize the concept is an invaluable asset. 

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Check out a few examples of the work produced by our New Media Development team in support of DELTA Grants and student success. 


This animation takes users on a whimsical journey into the world of statistics to learn how confidence intervals provide useful insights into large populations. View the video


This infographic helps students visualize the production cycle of tilapia. The goal throughout the production cycle is to keep the fish healthy. From the moment the fry are shipped in, to the time they arrive at the market, the fish are carefully observed, and their environments are monitored and regulated. 

Environmental Engineering

A set of info-packed visual aids help students solve complex engineering problems. An interactive web tool guides students through one scenario and a pair of infographics provide visual data for another scenario.

Wolfpack Wellness

The Wolfpack Wellness infographics help students visualize how you intake and burn calories. 

Home Horticulture

The goal of this interactive media is for students to visualize how to replicate the soil sampling and analysis process used by the NC Department of Agriculture while encouraging recommended techniques for obtaining a good sample. Students were gently guided through the sample gathering, submission, and analysis processes in preparation for doing the process in reality for their chosen plot of land.

Applied Ecology

This online tool includes a variety of motion graphics that demonstrate normal synaptic function and impeded synaptic function that is affected by toxic action from various agricultural chemicals. The tool allows for the comparison of both functions. 

Animal Nutrition

A custom web tool allows students to compare and contrast the digestive and absorptive processes and methods employed by cats and dogs with respect to nutrition. This type of interactive media allows students to explore the course content like never before.

Feed Mill

This project was for the development of a decision tree and feed mill model for students in the feed mill minor/certificate program. Students will make a series of decisions toward the creation of their own feed mill facility, and in subsequent classes will use their facility to explore concepts related to quality assurance and management in context.

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Article updated Feb. 25, 2021, for the 2021-2022 DELTA Grants cycle.