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DELTA Grants 2019-2020 Recipients Announced

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DELTA is pleased to announce more than $200,000 in 21 new and four continuing DELTA Grants to 26 recipients across the university. Recipients represent nine academic colleges. 

DELTA is providing continuing support to four Critical Path grant recipients and four Faculty Fellows from the 2018-2019 grant cycle, whose cohort will also welcome one new addition.

In collaboration with our faculty and campus partners, we look forward to creating innovative solutions to instructional challenges and increasing student success. As we leverage the latest technologies, apply research-based standards of excellence and explore advancements in instructional design, DELTA Grants enhance the online learning environment at NC State.  

This year’s grant types include Blended Learning, Critical Path, Exploratory, Faculty Fellows, Online and Distance Education and Rapid Design. 

Recipient (s) Grant Type Title College Department
Maru Gonzalez Rapid Design YFCS 590: Exploring Social Justice & Diversity in Youth and Family Sciences CALS Agricultural and Human Sciences 
Nicola Singletary, April Fogleman, and Ellen Chetwynd Exploratory Teaching Clinical Lactation (NTR 495/594) Through Virtual Reality CALS Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences
Lori Snyder Rapid Design CS 312 Grassland Management and Natural Resources CALS Crop and Soil Sciences
Christine Cranford and Christin Phelps Online and Distance Education Professional Writing Repository: Developing High Impact Learning Experiences for ENG 33X and Beyond CHASS English
Lori Foster and Jenna McChesney Online and Distance Education Modernizing DE PSY 307, Introduction to Industrial-Organizational Psychology CHASS Psychology
Fredessa Hamilton Rapid Design Adapting COM 267 to Online Format CHASS Communication
Steph Jeffries, Marcelo Ardon-Sayao, Zakiya Leggett, and Megan Lupek Critical Path


ES 100 Course Redesign CNR Forestry and Environmental Resources
Edwin Lindsay Online and Distance Education Improving Online Student Success in PRT 266: Introduction to Sport Management CNR PRTM
Duarte Morais and Erin Adair Online and Distance Education Tourism Microentrepreneurship Online Course Grant CNR PRTM
Eli Typhina Online and Distance Education Online behavior change course for environmental professionals CNR Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources
Sarah Carrier Online and Distance Education Transitioning Elementary Science Specialist Master’s of Education Courses from Blended to Online Format Education Teacher Education and Learning Sciences
Valerie Faulkner and Temple Walkowiak Online and Distance Education Expanding our Reach: Launching an Online Version of Math Specialist Courses Including ELM 555, ELM 556 and ELM 558 Education Teacher Education and Learning Sciences
Jamie Pearson Exploratory Immersive IEP: Designing an Individualized Education Program Meeting in a Virtual Reality Setting Education Teacher Education and Learning Sciences
Lina Battestilli Critical Path (Continuing) CSC 113 Course Redesign Engineering Computer Science
Steffen Heber Exploratory Talking About Algorithms – a Sequence of Podcasts for CSC 505: Design and Analysis of Algorithms Engineering  Computer Science
Anna Howard Exploratory Gamification for MAE 206 Out-of-Class Work Engineering Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Sarah Khan & Neal Parker Critical Path (Continuing) BUS 340 PCOM Business Management
Kathy Krawcyzk Online and Distance Education Taking ACC 533: Accounting and Tax Research Online PCOM Accounting
Elisabeth Brown Critical Path Calculus Corequisite Companion Sciences Mathematics
Elizabeth Dempster Critical Path (Continuing) MA 111 Course Redesign Sciences Mathematics
Maria Gallardo-Williams Blended Learning VR-Enhanced Blended Learning Experiences for Organic Chemistry (CH220) Sciences Chemistry
Maria Oliver-Hoyo Exploratory 5.1.1. Increasing Organic Chemistry Representational Competence and Reinforcing NMR Concepts Through Augmented Reality Sciences Chemistry
Alice Lee Rapid Design Redesign of MB 200: Microbiology and World Affairs Sciences Biological Sciences
Andrew Stringer Exploratory VMP 991 162. Virtual Reality – Food Security in Urbanized Africa. Veterinary Medicine  Population Health and Pathobiology
Shawn Dunning, Andy Click, and Patrick Nethery Exploratory Crafting a Virtual Microscope for Online and Blended Courses Wilson College of Textiles Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science 
James McConnell Faculty Fellows


Faculty Fellows Grant CHASS Foreign Languages and Literatures
Justin Post Faculty Fellows (Continuing) Faculty Fellows Grant Sciences Statistics
Melissa Ramirez Faculty Fellows (Continuing) Faculty Fellows Grant Sciences Biological Sciences
Stacy Supak Faculty Fellows (Continuing) Faculty Fellows Grant CNR Center for Geospatial Analytics 
Annette Moore Faculty Fellows Collaborative + Engaged Teaching and Learning: The Tale of a Prospective DELTA Faculty Fellow CNR Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management