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DELTA Welcomes New Class of Faculty Fellows

Image of DELTA 2018-2019 DELTA Faculty Fellows in the CTI lobby. Standing left to right: James McConnell, Melissa Ramirez, Stacy Supak, and Justin Post.
DELTA 2018-2019 Faculty Fellows left to right: James McConnell, Melissa Ramirez, Stacy Supak, and Justin Post. Photo by Mike Cuales.

DELTA is excited to welcome four new Faculty Fellows for the 2018-2019 academic year. Our dedicated group of Faculty Fellows work to share teaching with technology best practices by presenting at conferences and workshops, writing articles and much more.

The 2018-2019 Faculty Fellows include:

The four new Fellows will join Teaching Associate Professor Angie Smith, who is continuing her grant through summer 2019. Smith who teaches online counseling courses in the College of Education was active in her first year of the Faculty Fellows grant. She co-presented at conferences and workshops with DELTA staff, wrote an article for DELTA News and wrote a book about online learning in the helping professions. For the 2018-2019 academic year, Smith will serve as the faculty lead for the Online Course Improvement Program at NC State.

Each Faculty Fellow has a unique interest and vision for their partnership with DELTA. By allowing Faculty Fellows to capitalize on their distinctive strengths, the larger campus community benefits from the rich experiences of faculty who are experts in teaching and learning with technology in their fields.

The Faculty Fellows grant kicked off in 2015 and has matured into a well-respected program that continues to grow each year. In the Faculty Fellows program’s third year, the main goal remains to promote excellence in teaching with technology by fostering the exchange of ideas and interdisciplinary partnerships.

Stay tuned for individual articles on each of our Faculty Fellows coming this spring.