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DELTA’s Faculty Fellows Recognized at Summer Shorts

Photo of Kim Allen, Edwin Lindsay and Maria Gallardo-Williams with their certificates of appreciation.
Kim Allen, Edwin Lindsay and Maria Gallardo-Williams with their certificates of appreciation. Photo by Thomas Crocker.

DELTA’s first cohort of Faculty Fellows finished their two-year tenure with recognition at the annual Summer Shorts program. Kim Allen, Ed Lindsay and Maria Gallardo-Williams were honored with certificates of appreciation at the keynote, marking the completion of their outstanding service as Faculty Fellows.

“I can’t think of a better group of people for our first class of fellows than the three people who you’ve met today,” said Associate Vice Provost for Academic Technology Innovation, Donna Petherbridge, during the presentation.

Photo of Donna Petherbridge presenting certificates to the inaugural cohort of Faculty Fellows
Donna Petherbridge presents certificates to the first cohort of DELTA Faculty Fellows

Petherbridge explained during the opening remarks that DELTA started the Faculty Fellows program two years ago to recruit faculty to be “technology mentors” to share best practices with other faculty, facilitate workshops and present teaching with technology best practices at conferences representing DELTA and NC State. “Who better to speak to faculty about the challenges and successes of using technology than other faculty?” she said.

Allen, associate professor in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, believes in the power of connections and building community with her students and other faculty. “She is one of the most positive people I’ve ever been around, and if you want to think happy thoughts about using technology and connecting people with technology, spend five minutes with Kim,” said Petherbridge.

Gallardo-Williams, teaching associate professor in the College of Sciences, was honored for her work with videos for organic chemistry labs at NC State that enabled students to better grasp the content and added to efficiency in the labs. She presented her work at the Biennial Conference for Chemical Education using funding from the grant. “A sincere thanks for making chemistry fun and for your service,” said Petherbridge.

Lindsay, assistant professor in the College of Natural Resources, has been published in EdTech and Campus Technology magazines for his work with DELTA on adding gamification to his courses. According to Petherbridge, 20 years ago Lindsay wasn’t completely sure of how technology could be leveraged to support student learning but was curious. Now Lindsay has made game-changing innovations with technology and is recognized nationally for his work.

In addition, Carolyn Quarterman, who served one year as a DELTA Faculty Fellow in the second cohort, was recognized during the presentation, though she could not attend due to taking a position at another university. Quarterman is passionate about shedding light on new technologies and how they can be used for instruction, and contributed as a fellow by teaching workshops, providing consultations and writing “how to” articles.

Thank you to Allen, Lindsay, Gallardo-Williams and Quarterman for their dedication and service to the Faculty Fellows program, DELTA and NC State!

To learn more, visit the Meet Our Faculty Fellows page.

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