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Inside DELTA: 5 Questions with Tammy Rodda

portrait of Tammy Rodda
Tammy Rodda inside the CTI building. Photo by Katie Harris.

When you walk into DELTA’s main office you are greeted with a smile. Administrative Support Specialist Tammy Rodda considers herself the gatekeeper of DELTA and its personnel. The Long Island native left New York for North Carolina and hasn’t looked back. As the first point of contact to the department, Rodda is a help to DELTA in a variety of ways.

Prior to joining the DELTA staff, Rodda worked in the Admissions Department at St. Joseph’s College in Long Island. In this role she interacted with incoming freshman, transfer students and their families on a daily basis. The experience of a higher education environment appealed to Rodda. After her move to North Carolina, she transitioned to a temporary position with the Office of Student and Community Standards at NC State. This led to her current position with DELTA.

If you were explaining your position to someone unfamiliar with DELTA, how would you describe what you do?

As the front face for DELTA, Rodda sees who is coming or going, interacts with visitors and controls the flow of daily traffic. In addition, she has now developed into the business program assistant as part of the administrative support team. She is currently working to act as a backup to the Human Resources Department.

“I think the job has definitely become more extensive as I have been here. I knew what the job description entailed but now it has grown,” said Rodda.

What projects or tasks have you been working on recently?

Rodda explained an upcoming switch in the department. A new timekeeping process for full-time, non-exempt employees will streamline the time sheet process that was previously done by hand and entered into the system by Rodda.

“Being electronic will be a good thing. It will save everyone time and also save tons of paper,” said Rodda.

The new timekeeping system is called WolfTime. Rodda has learned the ins and outs of the process. To help others with the transition, she has created a shortened reference guide on how to use the new system effectively.

Despite the electronic upgrade, Rodda admits she is still a pen and paper person when it comes to meetings and notes.

“I have a notebook and I call it my bible. I take notes by hand and look back at it when I need to,” she explained.

What is a unique aspect about you?

Rodda has two children, both of whom were adopted at birth. Previously, while living in Long Island, Rodda and her husband were heavily involved with the Adoptive Parents Committee. The group has active members that meet once a month and discuss all the details of the adoption process.

“It was a support group. It was very rewarding to be involved and you made friends that are all over the state now. The friends we met through this organization we have known for over 24 years,” said Rodda.

What makes your job special?

“I am a people person so I really like being at the forefront. I learned every single name of the people who worked here within my first six months. I enjoy meeting new people and assisting visitors,” said Rodda.

Rodda also enjoys her multi-faceted position. “I enjoy learning about the finance and business portion and human resources. I don’t mind being a backup. I like that my job is split into different roles.”

In addition to her position, Rodda spoke fondly of the DELTA staff and the acceptance she felt right away.

“I lived in Long Island for my whole life. I’m happy to say everyone welcomed this New York girl with open arms and made me feel so welcome,” she said.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Rodda with her two pets.

As an active pet lover, Rodda and her family enjoy being outside with their dogs. She also enjoys music concerts and theater. She recently supported co-worker Larry Evans in his acting role in “Over the River and Through the Woods.” Also growing up near the ocean, Rodda likes to visit the beach any chance she can get.

Rodda also recently celebrated her one-year work anniversary at DELTA in June.