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DELTA Main Offices and Instructional Support Services Are Making a Move

Rendering of the Center for Technology and Innovation
Rendering of the Center for Technology and Innovation
Here are some fast facts about the move:
Who is moving? DELTA staff in Venture II and in D.H. Hill
What services are moving? Administration, Help Desks, Instructional Technology Support and Development, Finance and Business Office
What services are not moving? DELTA Testing Services (Venture IV on Centennial Campus, Cox Hall on Main Campus), Video Communication Services (Ricks Hall Annex and Park Shops)
When is the move? December 12-21, 2016. We will not be available for visitors in Venture II after Dec. 9 and in D.H. Hill after Dec. 15.
How do I contact DELTA staff who are moving? During the move, please use email as the primary method to contact DELTA staff.
What is the new physical address? Center for Technology and Innovation, 1010 Main Campus Drive, Suites 220 and 230, Raleigh, NC
What will stay the same? Campus Box 7113 and all telephone numbers will remain the same.
Where do I park?

  1. If you have an NC State permit, there are some spaces available in the vicinity.
  2. Anyone (employee or visitor) is allowed to park in the designated handicap spaces with a valid handicap permit.
  3. If you do not have an NC State permit, you may park in one of the Centennial Campus Pay Lots (debit and credit cards only):
    • Partners Way Deck on Partners Way
    • Poulton Deck across the street from the James B. Hunt Library
    • Capability Lot on Capability Drive

In December 2016, DELTA staff currently located in the Venture II building and D.H. Hill Library will be moving to the Center for Technology and Innovation (CTI) building on Centennial Campus.

Over the years, DELTA has outgrown its space in Venture II and the borrowed space in D.H. Hill Library. The staff in D.H. Hill have been there since DELTA’s creation in 2000 as a part of the legacy of the Learning Technology Service, one of the original groups that formed DELTA.

“We are grateful to Susan Nutter and the libraries for giving us a place to work for so long — but we simply outgrew our space there and the library could not provide us with additional space without impacting many of their exciting plans for the growth and expansion of spaces dedicated to faculty and students,” said Associate Vice Provost for Instructional Technology Support and Development Services Donna Petherbridge.

With the Venture II lease ending and D.H. Hill Library space becoming more crowded, it was the perfect time to reevaluate the current spaces and make changes.

Assistant Vice Provost of Business Operations Jessie Sova said the proposals for a new space were sent December 4, 2015, and after careful review of five considerations, Keystone Corporation’s proposal for the space at the CTI building was selected.

Sixty-nine permanent staff members and 15 part-time staff members are moving to the CTI building. Among them include the Finance and Business staff, Instructional Technology Support and Development staff, Marketing and Partnership Development staff and 11 Distance and Distributed Education staff.

Director of Instructional Innovation Services David Howard said, “The biggest thing this offers DELTA is a chance to have more of our staff in one place than we’ve ever had before. With the Instructional Support Services (helpdesk and training) folks moving from the library, there will be new chances for collaboration between DELTA units.”

According to Petherbridge, having the help desk training staff, instructional design and multimedia teams together will create opportunities for real synergy in the cycle of designing courses with faculty to ensure they get the training and support needed to use the technology well.

Petherbridge said, “Any time you have a chance to co-locate cross-unit colleagues, you have a wonderful opportunity to work together more closely and really learn from each other — which in turn can help your staff support their customers even better!”

The CTI building will be equipped with faculty consultation and collaborative work spaces and a mini-studio for lecture capture. “This approach places people in related jobs close to one another, having a positive impact on time efficiency and productivity,” said Sova.

Sova added, “We believe the redesign of our main office site workspaces and relocation of related functions and services will further encourage diverse methods of collaboration in order to support faculty and enhance student success.”

The collaborative work spaces and media studio will be beneficial for the Video Communications Services (VCS) staff who will not be moving to the CTI building. Petherbridge said it provides VCS staff a place to work when it is feasible, and the location is a short distance from the testing center on Centennial Campus.

Not only will the new space solve short-term space issues, but it will continue to benefit DELTA in the future. “We’re moving into a space that has enough room to support our expected growth over the next 10 years,” said Howard.

Director of Educational Technology Services Lou Harrison also said, “It’ll be nice that we’re consolidating two sites with more of the groups that work together being together, and we think that’ll be good in the long term.”

All of the changes DELTA has made recently, expanding and relocating DELTA Testing Services on Centennial Campus and changing the name of our offerings to Online and Distance Education have the same goals as this move. Merging many staff members into one large space with room for growth will continue to optimize DELTA’s capabilities and ultimately enhance student success.

“DELTA has grown a lot since our last move from Venture III to Venture II in 2008. We’ve put a lot of thought into the design of the new space and believe that it will create a more collegial and efficient working environment that will facilitate collaboration and at the same time help us serve our constituents more effectively,” said Vice Provost for DELTA Tom Miller.

Stay tuned for more information, photos and more!