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Recipients for 2016-2017 DELTA Grants Released

DELTA Grants graphics

DELTA is pleased to announce the awarding of more than $287,000 in new and continuing DELTA Grants to 29 recipients across 10 academic colleges and divisions, and the continuation of four Critical Path Course Redesign Grants from prior years as well as the continuation of three Faculty Fellows Grants. Grants include staff support for each project, providing expertise in instructional design and media creation.

With our goals of enhancing the technology-rich learning environment and increasing student success at NC State, we are looking forward to working with our faculty partners to produce solutions that promote innovation in the use of instructional technology and course design within distance education, blended learning, and face-to-face course delivery models.


Title Course Grant Type PI College
Advanced Canine and Feline Nutrition TBD DE Course Kimberly Ange CALS
The Civil War Era in Popular Culture HI 346 DE Course Susanna Lee CHASS
Increasing Engagement in Online Learning Environments PSY 311 DE Course Jeni Burnette CHASS
Mathematics of Climate Science TBD DE Course Jessica Matthews Sciences
MBA 541: Supply Chain Management Relationships MBA 541 DE Course Robert Handfield Management
Survey Methods in Educational Research ED 712 DE Course Paul Umbach Education
MBA 580: Global Strategy MBA 580 DE Course Steve Barr Management
Using virtual reality to develop cultural competence TBD Exploratory Ivonne Chirino-Klevans Office of International Affairs
MyTech 2.0: Improving Smartphone Physics Labs PY 206 Exploratory Colleen Countryman Sciences
Digital Tools for Teaching and Learning LAR 221 Exploratory Nilda Cosco Design
Collaborative Spatial Analyses for Disaster Management GIS 595 Exploratory Okan Pala Natural Resources
Connecting Students with Ecosystems & Biodiversity: AR BIO 181 Exploratory Miriam Ferzli Sciences
Sport Facility Virtual Reality Field Trips and Assessment TBD Exploratory Michael Kanters Natural Resources
Blended Learning to Enhance Clinical Training On-Site VMC 939 Blended Learning Katie Sheats Vet Med
Agricultural Chemical Risk Assessment TBD Blended Learning Catherine LePrevost CALS
PRT 152 : Gamification Project PRT 152 Critical Path Kathy Gore & Annette Moore Natural Resources
Improving and Expanding the Laboratory Experience in CE 332 CE 332 Critical Path Cassie Castorena Engineering
Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering Course Redesign CE 373 Critical Path Fernando Garcia Menendez Engineering
Critical Path Course Redesign for CSC316: Data Structures for Computer Scientists – Applying Theory to Practice CSC 316 Critical Path Jason King Engineering
Virtual Physics Tutorial Center (Continuing) PY (multiple) Critical Path  Zachary Lewis Sciences
MA 231 Course Redesign Grant (Continuing) MA 231 Critical Path  Molly Fenn Sciences
Incorporating a Laboratory to Support Student Learning of Software Engineering Best Practices in CSC 216 (Continuing) CSC 216 Critical Path  Sarah Heckman Engineering
Title Critical Path Course Redesign: CSC116: Introduction to Computing – Java (Continuing) CSC 116 Critical Path Jessica Schmidt Engineering
Faculty Fellow DELTA Partnership Faculty Fellows Amanda Edwards CHASS
Faculty Fellow DELTA Partnership Faculty Fellows Michael Kanters Natural Resources
Faculty Fellow DELTA Partnership Faculty Fellows Carolyn Quarterman CHASS
Faculty Fellow (Continuing) DELTA Partnership Faculty Fellows Kimberly Allen CALS
Faculty Fellow (Continuing) DELTA Partnership Faculty Fellows Maria Gallardo-Williams Sciences
Faculty Fellow (Continuing) DELTA Partnership Faculty Fellows Ed Lindsay Natural Resources