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NC State Online Launches Social Media


NC State Online and Distance Education launched four social media channels July 18 and can now be found on the following platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Social media plays an integral part in today’s society by allowing people to constantly stay in touch and up to date with other individuals, institutions and information.

Adding social media options to our communications strategy extends our ability to reach students with opportunities for online and distance education,” said Associate Vice Provost for Distributed and Distance Education Rebecca Swanson. 

Understanding the importance of social media in higher education and its role in student recruitment, DELTA and University Communications partnered in hiring Kristin Stepneski as its first Social Media Specialist. As part of a centralized hub to facilitate social media for NC State University, Kristin will promote all aspects of the university’s Online and Distance Education programs.

“Social media is an unparalleled opportunity to support immediate two-way communication with prospective students to begin a dialogue about their interest in evaluating their educational opportunities online or at a distance,” said Associate Vice Provost for Marketing and Partnership Development Kay Zimmerman.

With the addition of these social channels, online and distance education students and faculty successes can be showcased in addition to our quality programs that provide an engaging, world-class education.

Social media invites the world to see and read about the great things NC State is accomplishing via Online and Distance Education and provides prospective students with new possibilities.

If you are serious about continuing your education and want to possibly improve your career options, follow NC State Online and Distance Education on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn,” said Zimmerman.

We would also love to reconnect with alumni, network with students and staff and reach out to a future generation of leaders. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.