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DELTA 2014-15 Annual Report Released

Want to learn more about what’s happening at DELTA?

Check out the 2014-2015 Annual Report that is now available online!

Inside the Report

Taking a look inside DELTA’s Sustainable Success Cookbook, this year’s Annual Report highlights the work DELTA is doing with faculty and students. With the help of DELTA Grants and new programs being created DELTA’s impact on NC State’s community is rapidly growing.

The Annual Report showcases what we can do when partnering with others across NC State’s community. In this year’s report, read about how DELTA partnered with Dr. Maria Gallardo-Williams to create videos for her Chemistry lab sections. What is special about these videos is that they were videos made by students for students.

DELTA provides many opportunities for not only staff and faculty, but students as well. If you are a student interested in what DELTA does you can read how Student Workers Share Talents within DELTA.

Read about these and other stories including an infographic, and find out more about how DELTA is working with the campus to improve the quality of learning at NC State, in this year’s annual report!