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Sharing Best Practices

The word is out: NC State has a reputation for quality online education and the innovative use of learning technologies. As part of a leading research university, DELTA staff members are motivated to keep up with the top-notch faculty we support. For us, that means staying abreast of trends in learning technologies and online education, being leaders in those communities and sharing best practices. DELTA staff are helping other universities improve their online instruction, one conference presentation at a time.

In FY 2012-13, our staff presented at regional, national and international conferences, sharing with peers the results of our experiences at NC State. Explore our presentation topics. View some of the materials. Discover how we are shaping the educational landscape.

Course Redesign

Instructional Tools

  • Designing Mobile Learning Experiences for Higher Education
    Author: Amanda Robertson, David Tredwell and Cathi Phillips Dunnagan
    Conference: EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) Online Seminar
    Date: September 2012
  • Google Apps for Educators
    Author: Lee Ann Gillen and Yiling Chappelow
    Conference: Sloan Consortium 6th Annual International Symposium for Emerging Technologies for Online Learning
    Date: April 2013

Enterprise Learning Technologies

  • Making Moodle Work for Everyone
    Author: Dr. Marty Dulberg and Lou Harrison
    Conference: Moodle Moot West Coast
    Date: March 2012
  • The Importance of Governance: Ongoing Engagement with the Campus Community around the LMS
    Author: Dr. Marty Dulberg
    Conference: SALT 2013 New Learning Technologies Conference
    Date: March 2013
  • An Introduction to the Moodle File API
    Author: Glenn Ansley
    Conference: Moodle Moot West Coast
    Date: March 2012

Management & Partnering Strategies

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To read about how DELTA is helping lead the way in online education and learning technologies, explore the DELTA Annual Report 2012-2013.