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Annual Report 2023-2024

Meet our People: Inside DELTA 2023-2024 Roundup

A collage of polaroid-style photos featuring individual people smiling

A trombone-playing event planner. A European fashionista. A rock climber. A K-pop fan. An animal shelter volunteer. Fly fishers. Marathon runners. Cooks. YouTubers. World travelers. 

Our 2023-24 Inside DELTA staff profiles demonstrate the breadth of our people’s talents and interests both in and out of the workplace. Learn more about this unique cross-section of our DELTA team members.

Classroom Support Technician Alex Bennett sitting in front of computer screens in his office at work
Alex Bennett at his DELTA work station.

Alex Bennett, Technology Support Technician for Academic Technology

Alex Bennett assists faculty with operating the technologies needed for their classes. He also works to troubleshoot problems and provide IT support for classroom equipment as well as providing classroom capture of lectures. Originally from Canada, Bennett loves to travel with friends and family.

Jess Benton, a DELTA networking technician, shown standing beside a pond holding a fishing pole
Jess Benton enjoying some relaxing fishing.

Jess Benton, Networking Technician for Academic Technology

Jess Benton is a part of the Digital Media Support Services Engineering team at DELTA, where she maintains a robust and reliable academic technology infrastructure for the full spectrum of digital learning environments at NC State. Benton enjoys fishing and spending time with her family.

Classroom Support Technician Leonard Brothers sitting in the DELTA Central Control Room
Leonard Brothers at his DELTA work station.

Leonard Brothers, Technology Support Technician for Academic Technology

A graduate of NC State, Leonard Brothers has worked for DELTA for nearly two decades. As a member of the Innovative Learning Spaces and Support team, he ensures that instructors have technological support for recording and sharing classroom lectures and other course content.  

Laura Buker and her family posed in front of the Great Smoky Mountains
Laura Buker with her husband, DELTA Broadcast and Emerging Media Specialist Todd Buker, and their children Luna and Noah in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Laura Buker, Project Manager for Academic Technology

Buker’s engineering background have led to various unique positions during her career, such as a forestry engineering, civil engineering, property management and project management. She loves to travel with her family and recently visited Mexico City and the Yucatan in Mexico.

DELTA Testing Services standing outside dressed in Scooby Doo Halloween costumes
Testing Services Associate Annie Chagachbanian with members of her team dressed to celebrate Halloween. Pictured from left to right: Morgan Coston, Alexis Tarley, Chagachbanian, Kara Marschalk, Jamie Strickland, Kaitlyn Tarley, Chad Scott and Sharon Broere.

Annie Chagachbanian, University Program Associate for Online and Distance Education

As a part of the Testing Services team, Chagachbanian’s primary responsibility is to assist students and faculty with administering exams. Additionally, she serves as the liaison with the Disability Resource Office and works with students who receive testing accommodations.

Christine Cranford, instructional designer with DELTA, standing in the lobby at CTI at a DELTA Con event
Christine Cranford

Christine Cranford, Instructional Designer, DELTA Course Quality Program

Cranford works with NC State faculty to help them create a better learning experience for students. Her many years of experience as a technical writing instructor at NC State informs her design strategy and helps her approach the work from various perspectives. 

Three men in a kitchen setting preparing to shoot a video
John Gordon prepares for a take at the Howling Cow ice cream production facility on the NC State campus.

John Gordon, Associate Director for Digital Learning

With a background in creating educational media for museums, joining the DELTA Digital Learning team 16 years ago was a natural career move for Gordon. When he’s not filming cows at 2 a.m. for award-winning videos, he can often be found hiking at national parks across the country. 

A woman rock climbing on a sheer cliff over water
Grace Hatterschide climbing Otter Cliffs at Acadia National Park in Maine.

Grace Hatterschide, Assistant Director of Learning Technology Support

Hatterschide coordinates a six-person team of “LearnTech geeks” who assist instructors across the university with incorporating digital tools and resources into their courses. Outside of work, you’ll often find her hanging off the side of a sheer rock face. 

Relly Moorer with his wife, Abigail, sitting on a rock with a mountain vista in the backgroun at Sapphire Point Overlook in White River National Forest, Colorado
Relly Moorer with his wife, Abigail, at Sapphire Point Overlook in White River National Forest, Colorado.

Relly Moorer, Broadcast and Emerging Media Specialist for Digital Learning

Moorer is a cinematographer and post-production specialist with the Instructional Media Services team, where he helps departments and instructors across the university tell their story by producing educational content that is engaging and meaningful.

A man standing outside among some trees smiling
James Perry at the all-DELTA Cookout at Pullen Park, May 30, 2024.

James Perry, Executive Assistant to the Vice Provost 

In his role with DELTA, Perry wears a lot of hats — including that of event planner extraordinaire — a job he relishes. Outside of work, Perry loves gaming, old movies, playing the trombone and making his newly-purchased house a home. 

A woman sitting in front of a large rock wall, wearing cold weather gear.
Alexis Tarley at the Reynisfjara (black sand) beach in Iceland in 2023.

Alexis Tarley, Testing Associate, DELTA Testing Services

Tarley is part of a team that facilitates exams for thousands for on- and off-campus students in a professional and secure environment. A self-described “museum nerd,” she hopes to one day become an archivist with the National Archives in Washington, D.C. 

White standing between her brothers, Michael (to her left) and Marcus (to her right) at a family event.
Jessica White with her brothers, Michael (eft) and Marcus at a family event.

Jessica White, Senior Instructional Designer for Digital Learning

Jessica White holds a dual appointment with DELTA and with the Department of Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Sciences in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. She designs innovative learning experiences for academic and outreach projects. 

A woman poses with a sculpture of Edvard Munch's "The Scream."
Alin Yalcinkaya poses with Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” sculpture at the Grounds for Sculpture museum in Hamilton, New Jersey.

Alin Yalcinkaya, Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Online and Distance Education

One of DELTA’s newest employees, Yalcinkaya brings her passion for data visualization to bear in her work researching the effectiveness of various technologies in instructional design. A cosmopolitan fashionista from Türkiye, she’s always dreaming of her next trip to New York City.