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Dec 16, 2011

Classroom Capture Pilot Continues in Spring 2012(Archive)

DELTA and OIT continue to pilot the Mediasite classroom capture recording system. During spring 2012, classroom capture is available in equipped rooms. 

Visitors could get a holiday photo with Santa in either the North Pole or a tropical getaway using the studio’s green screen.

Dec 13, 2011

Second DELTA Open House Draws a Crowd

More than 100 guests attended the second DELTA Open House to learn about how DELTA is helping faculty contribute to student success at NC State. 

Dec 12, 2011

What Does the DELTA Reorganization Mean to Me?

Dr. Tom Miller is now senior vice provost for Academic Outreach and Entrepreneurship. To open time, he made some structural changes within DELTA. 

Nov 9, 2011

A Tour of ANS 230 (601) – Nutrition of Domestic Animals

The Distance Education version of Nutrition of Domestic Animals, an IDEA grant course, covers nutrition, digestion, and absorption in domestic animals. 

Nov 9, 2011

Making Metabolism Easier to Digest

Learning about digestive processes just got flashy for the students in Nutrition of Domestic Animals (ANS 230) thanks to a DELTA multimedia project. 

Oct 5, 2011

Cross-team HDSLR Video Project Buzzes with Novelty

DELTA is now using high definition single lens reflex (HDSLR) technology and processes to record stunning instructional videos. 

Oct 4, 2011

2011-2012 DELTA Large Course Redesign Pilot Grants Awarded

The LCR Pilot Grants provide financial (pending budgets) and staff resources for faculty involved in redesigning large courses. 

Oct 3, 2011

DELTA Doubles Proctoring Potential with Cox Hall Testing Facility

To keep up with a rising demand growth for exam proctoring, DELTA opened a new test proctoring facility near D.H. Hill library this year. 

Sep 23, 2011

Lee Crockett on Education in the Age of Disruptive Innovation

Lee Crockett's talk: Living on the Edge: The Age of Disruptive Innovation. How can education expand beyond being an information delivery system? 

Sep 16, 2011

NC State Enterprise Learning Management System (LMS) Updates

Here are some exciting changes that have been made to NC State's LMSs over the last six months, and some updates on where we as a campus.