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Jan 26, 2010

Office of Faculty Development announces spring workshop schedule!(Archive)

Please note that our colleagues in the Office of Faculty Development have announced their spring workshop schedule. See for details. 

Jan 20, 2010

Social Media Marketing in Higher Education

Below is a great article that I ran across on Social Media Marketing in Higher Education. It happens to be a great read and also discusses avenues for future marketing that many institutions are reluctant to grasp. It discusses how to reach students through direct marketing methods by asking them to become ambassadors for you,… 

Jan 11, 2010

Flu-Proofing Your Course: Student Presentations

If flu strikes, there are several options that will allow your students to give presentations, either to you or to everyone in the class. 

Jan 11, 2010

DELTA Spring Workshop Registration Now Open(Archive)

Registration for DELTA‚Äôs Spring 2010 Workshops and Seminars is now open to faculty, staff & graduate students. Our Spring classes start on Tuesday, January 26th and continue through April 29th. During this time, we are offering over 75 classes. 

Jan 8, 2010

HD Video Conferencing(Archive)

Video Communications Service now has video conferencing services back on Main Campus. Located in Park Shops next to Port City Java is a 5 seat conference room with a High Definition video conference system.  Video conferencing is a cost effective way to conduct a meeting between two or more participants at different sites by using… 

Jan 6, 2010

Hooray, Wimba Create License renewed!

For a more recent update read Wimba Create (formerly Course Genie) License Expires 11/30/2010. We previously announced that Wimba Create / Course Genie would no longer be supported at NC State. When NCSU told Wimba that we would be cancelling our license agreement, they made us an offer too good to refuse. We’re happy to say… 

Jan 4, 2010

NCDLA Blended Conference (Virtual and F2F)(Archive)

NCDLA Blended Conference is now accepting proposals & registration. Also, for the $25 membership, you can participate in 4 NCDLA Webinars, 8 Virtual Conference Sessions, AND, get a reduced rate for the face-to-face conference in New Bern! Check it out: