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Wimba Create (formerly Course Genie) License Expires 11/30/2010

The campus-wide license for Wimba Create (formerly Course Genie) expires on November 30, 2010 and will not be renewed. There is not enough use of the software on campus to justify the expense of maintaining the license. Unfortunately, Wimba recently changed their licensing policy and single-user licenses of Wimba Create are no longer available. Therefore, NCSU users of Wimba Create must use another method of creating accessible web content from Microsoft Word.

Starting in Spring 2011, DELTA will offer a workshop called, “MS Office and Adobe PDF: Creating Accessible Online Course Content.” We strongly encourage Wimba Create users to sign up for this class (or view the online recording which will be posted in the Spring.) Registration for Spring 2011 workshops opens in early January and NCSU faculty, staff and graduate students can attend at no cost.

Please note: After November 30, any web pages you created with Wimba Create will still work on your website or course page. If you need to edit them in future, you can modify the HTML files using web editing software such as Adobe Dreamweaver. If you are currently working on a Wimba Create project, you can install a 14-day trial version of the software (instructions below).

To uninstall Wimba Create:

  1. Close any Microsoft Office programs you have open.
  2. On your computer, open your Control Panel.
  3. Double-click to open “Add or Remove Programs.”
  4. Find Wimba Create (or Course Genie) in the list of programs.
  5. Click “Remove.”
  6. Follow the uninstall instructions.

(Due to Wimba’s uninstall process, you may find that the Course Genie or Wimba Create menu still appears within Microsoft Word as an add-in, although the software is uninstalled.)

To install a trial version of Wimba Create:

  1. Uninstall Wimba Create following the steps above.
  2. Go to [No Longer Available]
  3. Click on the link to download the installer for “Wimba 2.5 installer.”
  4. Follow the directions to install.
  5. When it gets to the screen that asks for a license number, check the box for “Install as Trial Version.”

Looking for other ways to create online course content? Possible options include:

  • Adobe Dreamweaver – available in all Unity labs, VCL, or for purchase
  • Moodle – which has a built-in web editor

You can find recorded training for most of these tools at the DELTA Workshops Materials page.

If you need assistance choosing a replacement for Wimba Create, please contact LearnTech at or 513-7094.