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DELTA Large Course Redesign Grants Awarded

The 2010-11 DELTA Large Course Redesign (LCR) Pilot Grants were awarded this month. The LCR Pilot Grants provide financial (pending final budgets) and staff resources for faculty involved in redesigning large courses. Through the DELTA LCR Pilot Grants, we primarily seek to help faculty and staff achieve the redesign of large introductory courses that are among the top 25 percent in enrollment, and/or the top 5 percent in enrollment in a college at NC State, and improve access to critical path courses that serve as foundation studies for students to successfully transition to more advanced study. The objective is to utilize existing instructional technology to enhance teaching and learning and increase access to high-demand courses.

The DELTA LCR Pilot Grants were awarded for redesign support of the following courses:

Keith Warren, Assistant Department Head and Senior Lecturer, and Dr. Richard Mowat, Professor to redesign College Physics (PY 211/212)—The objective for redesigning the course is to convert the laboratory component for PY 211/212 from a traditional “in-lab” style to a hybrid, allowing faculty to begin offering weekly labs and to accommodate current and projected enrollment growth.

Dr. Pam Arroway, Teaching Associate Professor and Assistant Department Head; and Dr. Herle McGowan, Assistant Professor to redesign Introduction to Statistics (ST 311)— The ST 311 redesign will introduce new learning materials that capitalize on current technologies for content delivery and restructure student learning time to be more efficient (in and out of the classroom).  The class will be structured to use individual time for concepts that can easily be mastered by individual online learning and face-to-face class time for learning that is improved by groups.

Dr. Brenda Burns-Williams, Lecturer to redesign Calculus I (MA 141)—MA 141 will be redesigned to improve student learning, establish consistent content coverage across all sections, provide in-class and online student-centered learning activities, and for tracking student success in higher-level courses.

More information can be found at: Questions about the DELTA LCR Pilot Grants should be directed to Dr. Traci Temple (, 513-3193).