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Photo of ECGC attendees with VR headset.

Apr 27, 2018

Showcasing Games and VR for Education at ECGC

NC State was well represented at the 10th annual East Coast Game Conference with a variety of innovative and cutting-edge projects available for participants to experience. NC State proved to be a competitive force in the world of VR and emerging technologies. 

Mike Cuales and GTI staff member at East Coast Game Conference

Jun 29, 2017

East Coast Game Conference 2017 Recap

DELTA staff members from New Media Development, Instructional Design and others interested in game design, development and virtual reality attended the 2017 East Coast Game Conference and shared their key takeaways from various sessions. 

Oct 28, 2015

East Coast Game Conference 2015

A number of DELToids attended this year’s East Coast Game Conference and captured their thoughts and impressions of the different sessions, speakers, and tech! Cathi Dunnagan “I need a weapon!” I shouted out loud as my first immersive experience built to its climax. Heart-pounding, I turned and twisted around to avoid flying rock and shrapnel… 

Mar 9, 2015

Report from Coursera’s Gamification class

I recently completed a MOOC on the topic of Gamification, delivered through Coursera and taught by Kevin Werbach, a professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. The course ran for six weeks and had around 40,000 registered students. The primary course content consisted of video lectures organized into… 

Nov 6, 2013

IDIG Greet and Grow: Bringing Gamification to the Higher Ed Classroom

On Tuesday, October 22, the Instructional Design Interest Group (IDIG) had its regular Greet and Grow session where those interested in Instructional Design issues can network with others, compare experiences and share tips and tricks.  For this meeting Bethany Smith, Director of the Media & Education Technology Resource Center at NC State, hosted a discussion around…