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Zimmerman Receives National DLA Awards

DLA awards

DELTA Associate Vice Provost for Marketing and Partnership Development Kay Zimmerman attended the Distance Learning Administration Conference 2016  (DLA) June 19-22. While away, she received two awardsthe Distance Learning Leadership Award and Best Paper Award.

The SmarterServices Distance Education Leadership Award is given to an individual outstanding in their field. Being such a distinct honor, the recipient is required to meet a number of qualifications, including such characteristics as embracing and significantly impacting distance education and distance learning practices, being responsible for the growth of distance learning programs, exemplifying activities that have contributed to better understanding of distance education practices and participating in research involving distance education. The Distance Learning Administration Conference Award Selection Committee interviewed Zimmerman’s supervisor, peers and work colleagues upon submission of her name.

Zimmerman also took home the conference award for Best Paper: Winning One Program at a Time: A Systemic Approach. She collaborated with Verified Studios’ President Adam Schultz on the paper, which focused on the success of DELTA’s Online and Distance Education program marketing, student recruitment strategies and best practices.

“I’m excited to be recognized by my distance learning colleagues and to have this opportunity to share best practices that could change the enrollment marketing landscape,” said Zimmerman.  

DLA is sponsored by the Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration and the University of West Georgia. Symposiums at the conference are created with individuals interested or involved in the administration, management, planning and evaluation of distance education learning programs in mind.