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Announcing 2012-2013 RFPs for DELTA Large Course Redesign Pilot Grants

Target Audience for Award: NC State Large Enrollment Courses and critical path undergraduate courses (Traditional, on-campus courses. May have DE section but not required for award).

The 2012-2013 RFPs for DELTA Large Course Redesign (LCR) Pilot Grants are available, with a submission due date of July 15, 2012. The LCR Pilot Grants provide financial and staff resources for faculty involved in redesigning courses by leveraging instructional technology. Through the DELTA LCR Pilot Grants, we primarily seek to help faculty and staff achieve the redesign of large introductory courses that are among the top 25 percent in enrollment, and/or the top 5 percent in enrollment in a college at NC State, and improve access to critical path courses that serve as foundation studies for students to successfully transition to more advanced study.

Three DELTA LCR Pilot Grants Types are available:

Type 1: Large Enrollment Course Grant funds are for the redesign of large enrollment and critical path undergraduate courses. This is the most common grant requested, which leverages instructional technology to enhance teaching and learning and increase access to high-demand courses.

Type 2: Course Flipping Grant funds the redesign of undergraduate summer courses that are critical to the university, critical for summer programs and have a history of high drop, fail and withdrawal (DFW) rates. The redesign must focus on learner-centered education by establishing active learning environments through the use of both instructional technology and in-class activities. (See Type 1 LCR Grant if you are interested in Course Flipping an undergraduate course not planned for summer.)

Type 3: Continuing LCR Project Grant or Evaluating Student Success Grant funds are for the continuation of a course redesign project previously funded with a LCR Large Enrollment Course Grant.

The DELTA LCR Pilot Grants proposals will be reviewed and prioritized by the DELTA Staff and DELTA LCR Partner Representatives based on their potential to impact LCR and student success initiatives at NC State. DELTA will work with the University Registrar office to review relevant historical data and determine the need to implement LCR strategies in a course. The Vice Provost for Distance Education and Learning Technology Applications (DELTA) will award the DELTA LCR Pilot Grants in fall 2012 after budgets are clarified.

Dates for 2012-2013 Grant Cycle

  • Call for proposals: June 2012
  • Proposals due: July 15, 2012
  • Review: July-August 2012
  • Award: Fall 2012 (once budgets are determined)

More information can be found at: Questions about the DELTA LCR Pilot Grants should be directed to Dr. Traci Temple (, 513-3193).