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New Elluminate resources for faculty and students(Archive)

We’re proud to roll out two new resources for the Elluminate users in our NC State community, Teaching with Elluminate and Learning with Elluminate. Similar to our Teaching with Moodle and Learning with Moodle courses, these resources offer an overview of training and support options as well as provide a community discussion space.

Teaching with Elluminate features:

  • A discussion forum called the Moderator’s Lounge where you can discuss issues and ideas with other Elluminate moderators, such as best practices and teaching tips. Minor technical updates will be listed here too.
  • Links to training workshops, recordings, and reference materials
  • Frequently Asked Questions and support information

This site can change as the community demands it! If you have Elluminate resources you have developed and want to share, upload them to the forum. Some resources may be added to the main page to make it easy for all NC State Elluminate moderators to access them.

If you are using Elluminate in your course, consider adding a link to Learning with Elluminate for your students.

Learning with Elluminate features:

  • Orientation materials for students
  • Support information
  • Frequently Asked Questions

By linking to Learning with Elluminate, you know that your students have access to the most up-to-date instructions and you don’t have to worry about updating instructions yourself.

Teaching with Elluminate and Learning with Elluminate are open enrollment Moodle courses. They will also be linked from the NC State Elluminate website, in the Help menu.