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Is Online Material in Your Course Accessible?

Students collaborate on final projects for the spring 2023 semester in the Talley Student Union.
Photo by Becky Kirkland.

Are you wanting to make your course more accessible, and don’t know where to start? DELTA is here to help! Our Accessibility Checklist for Online Course Material does not require accessibility expertise to use.

Make your own copy of the checklist and answer simple questions like, “Have you made sure to use built-in heading styles to convey hierarchy or organization?” and “Have you ensured that all videos in your course are captioned?” to identify areas that might need some attention.

Then, use the links in the checklist that point to the relevant section of our Digital Accessibility Guide to learn more about that issue and how to fix it. Need help?

Contact to ask a question or set up a consultation with a member of DELTA’s Accessibility Team.